Raspberry Pi 2: capacitor in the way of HDMI port


I’m trying to add my Pi 2 on top of the GoPiGo board, but even with the power connector out of the way I still can’t get it to seat properly. I’ve checked and double- and triple-checked that I’m attaching things right, but still the HDMI port on the Pi is hitting up against the GoPiGo cap nearest to the edge. I thought about just bending the cap out of the way, but it’s pulled in really close to the board and so its range of motion appears limited and I don’t want to risk breaking it. I can connect the GPIO pins all the way, but that leaves the Pi tilted at a weird angle. Is it supposed to be like that, or did I get too short of a GPIO header on my board, or am I just missing something super obvious (my money’s on C :).


Hey lendot, can you post a picture? With the B+, the board can sit slightly cocked to the side (like less than 10 degrees). It sounds like you’re mounting it right, but I just want to see if you can post a picture!


Sure thing. Here it is from 3 different angles with the GPIO fully in.


Looks correctly installed. It is going to be a little cocked to the side, but the problem is purely cosmetic; it should function with no problems.

Best, John