Raspberry Pi 3 and GoPiGo wifi[SOLVED]


Should the GoPiGo work seamlessly with Raspberry Pi 3? I want to use the GoPiGo with the new built in WiFi and Bluetooth features on Pi 3. Is this possible using the image Dexter provides for GoPiGo? Or should I use the newest Raspbian, which enables the usage of the built in modules, then install the Dexter tools for GoPiGo?



Hi Howard,
We just received our Pi3’s and have started to test them comprehensively with our products. We will post an update in a week about the compatibility of the Pi3 with all of Dexter Industries products. If you are anxious to try it out, you can try out the latest Jessie and add the GoPiGo software to it. Do let us know how it goes for you.


I use Pi 3 with lastest raspian jessie, And only have problems with tornado server.

Any official statement regarding GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi 3? I want to buy a new raspi and not sure which one :slight_smile: I tend to Raspi3 but it must be 100% compatible with GoPiGo :wink:

I just got the gopigo and a PI3 and everything seems to work except I can’t get wifi to work with raspbian image for the gopigo. I have run the updates but without results.

While I haven’t gotten started with robotics yet, I’m excited to read GoPiGo works almost perfectly with Raspberry Pi 3. Will Dexter be selling a kit/box with RP3, or would you recommend I buy the GoPiGo kit or GoBox that includes the RP2 and get my own RP3 elsewhere?

@ahjwinth: We’ll be releasing an updated Raspbian for Robots image later this week which would allow you use the on-board wifi on the Pi3 with our image.

Hi Rixster, we are still working on getting stock of the Pi 3. So we don’t have an ETA for it yet.

Tks. Waitng this image :slight_smile:

Hi Karan,

Thanks for letting us now there will be soon a solution for the pi3 and wifi.
I tried today to use the raspbian which comes with the pi3 together with the installation files from the gopigo 1 but this doesn’t work on the gopigo 2.
I look forward to load the new image.


Hey alex,
Can you give a few more details about the problem you are facing with the GoPiGo2 and the Pi3.


Hi Karan,

The GoPiGo is werking correctie with the rasberry image from your site. All the test I have run with the hardware are correct so No issues there.
Only I can not get the wlan0 adapter visible. The hardware is not visible for wlan0. Also after I have run sudo apt-get update/upgrade.
When I view the settings with ifconfig there is only ethernet adapter visible and not wlan0.
Hope this is enough info.

Let me know of you want to see some screenshots.


Hey Alex, which date is on the image you’re using?

Hi John,
I’m using the image dated 2016.03.20
I seen today on sourceforce a new image is releasedatum yesterday (2016.03.28) I testen this image and now wlan0 adapter is working.


Great, glad to hear it’s working! Please let me know if you have any trouble with this particular image, we’d like to know!

I have a pi 3 and i am missing the wifi usb do i need it?

Hi @abhivansh.jindal,

There’s no need to buy a WiFi dongle for the Pi, because the Pi 3 has a built-in WiFi module.

Thank you!