Raspberry Pi 5! (continued) Power Discussion

But does the Pi4 have a “cooler”?

Just tested the cooler equipped Pi5 at full load:


Raspberry Pi5 8GB mounted in official Pi5 case with fan,
and Pi5 case with cooler

  • Python3 floating point addition 0.000973ms - 3.5x faster than Pi4
  • Python3 integer addition 0.000657ms - 3.8x faster than Pi4
  • Four CPU Stress for 5 minutes: No throttling, 70.3C temp
    Same max temp with cooling fan case, and Pi5 cooler in case
    7.2W 1.4A during full stress
    (3W 0.6A idle)

I don’t know if the Pi5 power-supply limit test on boot depends on the PD (power delivery) supply negotiation over the USB-C connector, and is not tested when powered from the GPIO connector?

The Pi5 will not boot with less than a 3A PD supply, using the default boot parameters. Perhaps with setting the USB limit parameters, the 2.5A supply of the GoPiGo3 can support the Pi5, perhaps even at full load as long as the robot does not utilize its motors or servo(s).

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