Raspberry Pi Doesn't Fit onto GoPiGo

I haven’t noticed anyone else write about this, so it must be something I’m doing wrong, but:

I’m following the assembly instructions, and am trying to attach the Pi2 to the GoPiGo. It looks like the battery power wire terminal from the GoPiGo is smashing up against the mini usb power hub on the Pi. It won’t fit on this corner.

I must be doing something wrong (see picture)

Hi Ian,

From your image, I think that your Raspberry Pi is upside down. Turn it over and try again and let me know if this fixes things.

Good luck.

Got it! I had to disconnect the power, put the Raspberry Pi on first, and then diagonally wiggle the power terminal into its two pins, as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FLtFkNjwWg

I’m having the same problem with my GoPiGo: Raspberry Pi B+ won’t fit, just as described and pictured above. I’m not comfortable with just “diagonally wiggling” the power connector onto the pins - it should fit smoothly and without interference. Still, I tried, and the power connector is too long (13mm). Perhaps there’s some variation in component sourcing, and I ended up with a longer connector than the original author. Hoping for a solution from Dexter.

These pictures show the interference, and how it results in a “tilted” Pi.

Hi Mattsk, yes, it has a slight tilt to it when attached. It’s connected correctly, and you have the right parts. Sorry about the tilt, we had to make some choices on our design that left the board a small bit tilted.


When it the new version of GoPigo board that will make the Respberry Pi not “tilted”?

The newer GoPiGo has less of a tilt and if you don;t like the tilt at all, there are mounting holes aligned with the Pi so that you can screw a hex post for better stability.


Hey Normand, this version of the GoPiGo will be out shortly, in a month or so. You’re referring to the GoPiGo2 I think, which we announced on our latest Kickstarter. That will be out soon.