Raspberry pi doesn't get powered by GoPiGo

Hi There
My Raspberry Pi doesn’t get powered by my GoPiGo. It works perfectly fine as soon as I plug in the power cord which was delivered with the Pi. I’ve unpluged the Pi and tried other methodes, but it doesn’t work. Is there any way to fix this problem?

Can you make sure you have good batteries? If there is not enough voltage the Pi won’t turn.

The ‘v’ command from python script that does the basic tests should display the voltage!

Hi @maurus.castelmur,

Please check your ON/OFF switch from the GoPiGo board.
If it’s OFF, then your Raspberry Pi won’t get any power.

Here’s a picture with the location of the switch (next to the battery connector)

Also, check the level of the battery pack.

Thank you!