Raspberry Pi Motion Sensing


Hi im interested in this project . Would like to know if anyone could help me provide a c# code sample for this? Never learned python so I am not sure about the code

Hi @voodoo635,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a C# alternative for this project, so I think Python is still the only one available for it.
Python isn’t such a hard language to learn, so may I suggest you look on some tutorials on the web that teach the basic things in Python? All after all, the code for this project isn’t so hard to comprehend, so maybe it doesn’t take much time to get it.

Thank you!

I’d be willing to help you understand the code if you can’t figure it out. Adding on what @RobertLucian said, the Python docs are superb. A 30 or evem 15 minute skim through the official tutorial could be enough to help you understand the code enough.

heys sorry for the late reply . @RobertLucian Thanks for your help anyways :slight_smile:
@graykevinb I get the gist of python code but its just that I have to code it in C# for my school project and I am not really sure how to go about it.

if i were to code in c# i wouldn’t be able to use the smtp library for the email part , that part is fine I know how to code that part its just the sensor hardware code functions that I am not sure how to code it in c#. would appreciate if someone can provide me a sample of it

Gotcha. So like @RobertLucian said there isn’t an exact “motion sensing” example in C#, there is a ultrasonic sensor example There is also many other samples of code.

One slight thing. Sadly the RPi camera is not supported by Windows 10 IOT. The motion sensing project needs that so your only alternative is to use a webcam. Fortunately for you that is supported and microsoft has a tutorial for that:

@graykevinb alright thanks alot, will try it out after I get the webcam