Raspberry Pi OS Updates 6 Sept 2022

The Pi Foundation has again released updates to the Bullseye 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Pi OS, along with v1.7.3 of the Raspberry Pi Imager utility.

A reminder that only the 32-bit Buster based Pi OS (Legacy) are tested as base for the GrovePi, BrickPi, and BrickPi3 software installs from GitHub.


For GoPiGo3 - the GoPiGo OS is the recommended “pre-configured” Operating System.
Download the latest GoPiGo3 OS


(GoPiGo3 users wishing to install the Dexter/ModRobotics GoPiGo3 software “the hard way” (from GitHub), should choose the Pi OS (Legacy) with Desktop


Download Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) with Desktop

(The release note for the 6 Sept 2022 Legacy Pi OS update does not list any changes beside the file date.)