Raspberry pi, Python and servo

Hi everybody,

I’m desperately seeking a piece of Python code to make a grove servo work on raspberry pi, grovepi and in Python.

I found this for arduino C but that’s all. Any help appreciated!!!


The GrovePi does not support servo’s because the noise generated by them makes the whole thing unstable. But you can use an I2C servo driver like http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/SoftServoB10CH-Servo-Controller-RC-Signal-Generator-p-2242.html?cPath=91_162 or https://www.adafruit.com/products/2327 (this comes with code too) to control the Servo’s from the Pi.


Can you please give some more details about your hardware?
Which servo you are using and what are its specifications?
Also what are the details of your setup with Raspberry Pi?
What you did when you tried it on Arduino?

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The shield(https://www.adafruit.com/products/2327) was for the Raspberry Pi and not the arduino. It pretty much supports any servo you want to put in there and can control 16 servos. You can find more details here: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-16-channel-pwm-servo-hat-for-raspberry-pi/.


I’ve reached this post because I am in the same situation as the 1st message…
After reading I noticed it is not possible…
Which alternatives do I have if I need to use GrovePi + several sensors (python controlled) and additionally the grove servo (or another one if it is necessary)?
I’ve searched by Internet and I found tutorials where a servo is used directly on RPI, using GPIO functionality (http://www.toptechboy.com/raspberry-pi/raspberry-pi-lesson-28-controlling-a-servo-on-raspberry-pi-with-python/)
Could I use GrovePi at the same time I am using the GPIO library to control the servo in other pins?

I’m really novice in electronics but not in programming, that is the reason I bought GrovePi and grove sensors to start IoT projects in a easy way… but unfortunately, the servo limitations on GrovePi is being a nightmare to me.

Thanks a lot in advance

Miguel Angel

Hi Miguel,
You should be able to use the tutorial at toptechboy.com to control the servo along with the GrovePi directly from the pins on the Raspberry Pi. We would recommend not using a big servo or making the servo jump by big angles or change direction very fast because that usually ends up adding a lot of noise on the 5V power supply which is connected to the Pi too, which might end up making the Pi unstable or restart it.


Hi…i am a new user here. I want to know Which servo you are using and what are its specifications?Also what are the details of your setup with Raspberry Pi?What you did when you tried it on Arduino?

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You can use the PivotPi servo co troller by Dexter Industries. It connects to the GrovePi.

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