Raspberry Pi Zero W

Is Raspian for Robots compatible with the Zero W? I assume not since it just boots to a rainbow screen. Multiple sd cards, multiple downloads.

@daniel1 is having similar issues as mentioned on this thread.
My suggestion is to use Raspbian until better support is out.
I reccomend using Raspbian Jessie with Pixel. (The one listed at the top of the page)

Once Raspbian is loaded onto the SD card. (You can do it the same as you did with Raspbian for Robots) you’ll need to obviously boot it up and then install the GoPiGo stuff.

To install it follow these steps:
#Step 1 download GoPiGo files onto pi
Open the terminal on your Raspberry Pi. If you are on the desktop the icon looks like a black tiny screen. Once it is opened type git clone https://github.com/DexterInd/GoPiGo.git and press enter.

Step 2 Set it all up

Follow the installation instructions here.

#Step 3 Verify Install
In other words your done! Try it out and see if it works. Please say if it doesn’t work. If not it is most likely a minor issue.