Raspbian for Robots Backup


I have the latest version of Raspbian for Robots and the desktop Backup icon does not work because the working directory is blank. This produces an error reporting that file_list.txt cannot be found. If I run it from the backup directory, however, it works but that defeats the object of having it on the desktop.

The restore.sh doesn’t work at all because it contains a syntax error.

Can these issues be resolved?

Hey cooperdp1965,
Thanks a lot for trying out the backup program. It is still a work in progress so we did expect a few bugs. I have just updated the scripts. Can you run the DI software update from the desktop which should update all the links and scripts on your image too and try running the backup script again. Right now all it does is to read the /home/pi/di_update/Raspbian_For_Robots/backup/file_list.txt file for the paths it should backup and recursively copies and zips it into a file and saves it to a USB drive which is connected to the Pi. Once the backup is done, you can save that file anywhere on your system. If you have to restore, just copy the file back to the USB drive, connect it to the Pi and press restore and it copies all the files back to a folder on the desktop.

Can you try out the script again and let us know how it goes for you. Please do send any other feedback that you have about the backup program and the image too.



Thanks for looking into this issue. I have just updated the Dexter software and am connected to the Pi over VNC. When I click the desktop icon, the terminal screen flashes up and disappears very quickly but mentions a screen not being connected and I see the word, “authorized” on it too.

Prior to your changes it sometimes did this but then eventually ran but now I cannot get it to run. Could it be because I am using VNC rather than having a monitor and keyboard connected directly to the Pi.


Hey Dave,
Thar should not be causing any problems. I have tested it on VNC too. Can you open lxterminal on VNC and run this: sudo sh /home/pi/di_update/Raspbian_For_Robots/backup/run_backup.sh. This should run the same program. Can you also post some screenshots of the error that you are getting.


Hi Karan,

I think I have got to the bottom of it. If you reboot the Pi and then the first thing you do is click the desktop Backup icon, you get a terminal window flash up, display an error and then it disappears very quickly. I have captured the first part of the error in the attachment but the next few “authorize” related lines flash up very quickly before the terminal window disappears and I have not been able to capture that.

If I start an LXTerminal session, before clicking the Backup icon (even if I exit from the LXTerminal session), the Backup starts just fine. So, it looks like you need to have at least used one terminal session, since boot up, before you can successfully use the desktop Backup icon.


Thanks dave for looking into this. I’ll have a look at this later today and try to solve the problem. I’ll update you as soon as it is tested.


Hey Dave,
Just updated the shortcut which now runs the script as sudo which should make it work. Can you try running the DI update and try it out again ( here is the changes: https://github.com/DexterInd/Raspbian_For_Robots/commit/6ac5f690397c11ebec6bc6eaf851d69fd497fd87).

Thanks for testing it out.

Do let me know how it goes for you.