Raspbian For Robots : Buster and Raspberry Pi 4

Originally published at: https://www.dexterindustries.com/raspbian-buster-and-the-raspberry-pi-4/

2/3 We’re releasing an update to Raspbian for Robots and this one is based on Buster !This update makes Raspbian for Robots Raspberry Pi 4-compatible out of the box/download. We’ve taken the opportunity to make some changes to how we pre-install all the tools that make Raspbian for Robots an ideal OS for running the…

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So this is going to be a Real, Honest to Dex, Official Release - and not a beta?


Charlie wants one!  When do you think it’ll be ready?


P.S. Have you been able to take a look at the dhcpd.conf file issue in /boot?  It’s really annoying to have the updates to dhcpd5 fail.

Yesterday at 10:45am DexterOS 2.5.0 25Mar2020 10:45 The link will download a zip file.

or visit the “Get DexterOS” page: https://www.dexterindustries.com/dexteros/get-dexteros-operating-system-for-raspberry-pi-robotics/

And to clarify - that is only the DexterOS available now, and we are still looking forward to the non-experimental Buster based “Raspbian For Robots” soon.

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Sorry to get your hopes up. This is exactly the same post as what was posted in December. There was a glitch on the forums as some of you may have noticed, and the post had disappeared. It simply got re-posted.

Raspbian for Robots is a bit on the back burner while we are planning out features for both R4R and DexterOS. We’ll get back to it as soon as we can.

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Understood R4R is “coming soon”, but now I’m confused about yesterday’s DexterOS 2.5.0 image - actually not confused, just curious. Jim is the DexterOS guy.

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OK, I’ll take that as a complement.   :wink:

This DexterO/S image has been live for a while now - at least a couple of weeks - and yes, I already downloaded it.  I haven’t had a chance to mess with it, because I’ve been working on fitting a SSD to Charlie.  As a goof of course, the additional almost 2A load won’t increase his “playtime” very much.  I read an article about it, and was curious if it could be done with R4R.

It worked, and I plan on posting pictures of Charlie with the “backpack”, but it’s not permanent.

I’m also working on getting a “real” development environment established so that I don’t loose work if/when I re-flash Charlie’s image.

BTW, on that same topic, what’s the best way to “un-flash” :wink:, Charlie’s image to a binary file that Etcher can use?  I know I can use “dd” to make a copy, but how do I verify that’s it’s absolutely complete and correct?  What method does Dexter use to create it’s images?

I prefer to use “ddrescue”, (gddrescue), to make images because, unlike dd, it goes all the way to the end of the device, even if the block size/cluster size isn’t exact.  Whereas when dd hits the end of the device, and if the end of the device doesn’t end on a copy-block boundary, it just stops, leaving whatever was left at the end of the device un-copied.