Raspbian for Robots for GoPiGo?

https://www.dexterindustries.com/raspberry-pi-robot-software/ currently says two things:

"Raspbian for Robots has all the software you need built in to connect to your GoPiGo, BrickPi, GrovePi or Arduberry"

"Raspbian for Robots – for BrickPi, GrovePi & PivotPi"

Question: Which statement is correct? Does Raspbian for Robots support GoPiGo or not?

Bonus question: Does Raspbian for Robots consist of standard Raspbian plus a directory full of software? … and if so, can we just load the software onto an existing normal Raspbian installation?

Thank you!!

Raspbian for Robots has all robots already installed, thus the GoPiGo/GoPiGo3 will work too.

As for the bonus question, yes, it’s a standard Raspbian with a directory filled with our software.

If you visit each repo of any robot, you will find instructions on how to get them installed. Generally, it’s just one line you have to execute in the terminal.

Thank you!

Many thanks … last night I ordered up a GoPiGo!

… instructions on how to get them installed. Generally it’s just one line …

Snooping around while waiting for the GoPiGo to ArrivePiArrive, I found this … I wonder if line 2 below is the specific “one line” you referred to. In other words, to add the GoPiGo software directory to an existing Raspbian setup:

1. Connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet
2. Copy and past[e] the following command in the command line:
> sudo curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_gopigo3 | bash
3. Reboot the Raspberry Pi to make the settings take effect:
> sudo reboot

Thanks again!!

Yes, that’s the line you have to run: curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_gopigo3 | bash. Notice that there’s no need to call the curl command with sudo.

Thank you!

Beautiful! … Especially since my GoPiGo just arrived in the mail about 5 minutes ago! We’ll see …

Many thanks again!


So, what happened with you and your 'bot? There’s a bunch of us here who “hack” the GoPiGo and have a lot of fun doing it!

It’s a good crowd so “Welcome In!” and don’t be afraid to ask questions or introduce your 'bot. (My 'bot’s named Charlie. If you stick around long enough, you’ll meet Carl too.

Jim “JR”