Raspbian for Robots (Jessie) and Pixel - WiFi times out

Hi John and the gang there at Dexter Industries. With my original GoPiGo, I downloaded the newest distribution and did an update. With that I ended up with the new Pixel desktop. Has there been any others with issues after this update? My WiFi (using the Raspberry Pi official adapter that has the Broadcom chip) times out after 5 minutes. Reminds me of an earlier issue with the Realtec WiFi dongles: Beta Testers Wanted! Raspbian for Robots

Also, not getting anything from the Raspberry Pi camera when using the "Browser Controlled Robot"example. Since I’m not sure it’s an issue caused by Pixel or something else, I will try an earlier distribution to do some comparison tests. But wanted to see if anyone else is having problems after the Pixel update. Thanks!

Hi Darrell
We are investigating Pixel. So far we know it kills Scratch, as it’s an updated Scratch and a few things got changed. I haven’t noticed any issue with wifi yet since my robots are almost always on Ethernet. I’ve heard of others having issues with Pixel’s wifi (and they’re not Dexter customers). It seems to be an issue with Pixel itself. My weekend is going to be quite busy.

Please do report any issue that you find. I’ll do my best to address them ASAP, but I can’t make promises.