Raspbian for Robots: Unable to create symlink to USB drive


I have tried to create a symlink on the RFR desktop that links to some location on the USB device plugged into the Pi. Any attempt to do so results in:

  • Initial creation works. A usable symlink can be created on the RFR desktop.
  • After a reboot the working symlink is replaced by a yellow triangle, the “type of file” (in properties) is “symlink” and it wants to know what “default application” should be used to open files of type “symlink”.

Any ideas?

Jim “JR”

p.s. AFAIK, RFR and everything else is current as of this instant date.


Right click on desktop, select “desktop preferences” and check “show mounted volumes”. This places an icon for the attached USB thumb-drive on the desktop.

I’m still curious why you can’t place a symlink to a mounted object on the desktop and have it work if the device is still there.

Jim “JR”