Raspbian for Robots

My daughter is just finishing up assembling her GoPiGo. Plugged the Pi into a power supply and monitor and connected a keyboard. Setup wifi. Able to ping several web sites. To this point all is good. Doubleclicked the software update icon on the desktop and I could see activity in the terminal window. After this file activity completed a new window opened with 4 selection boxes. I chose GoPiGo, performed a firmware update, then updated the Dexter software then updated the Raspbian software. Rebooted and noticed that some icons on the desktop have changed. Also when I double click on the GoPiGo Scratch Start icon nothing happens.

After reading through forum postings and blog postings we are at a loss. The desktop wallpaper was supposed to change from the Pi in an iron claw to the new Dexter wallpaper so I am wondering if the updates actually completed successfully. How do I find the firmware version and Raspbian version. I originally started with the DI Raspbian for Robots 2014.07.30 image burned to a DI furnished microSD card. All help is well appreciated.

Hi Sparx,
Looks like you are using a very old image. We have completely revamped the image and the software and it might be way easier to just burn the latest image and use that. The latest image is 2015.11.09 and you can find the instruction here on how to get started with it: http://www.dexterindustries.com/howto/install-raspbian-for-robots-image-on-an-sd-card/.

Do let us know if this helps.



I receive the error message – dd: bs: illegal numeric value – when I execute the command

sudo dd bs=1M if=2015.11.09_Dexter_Industries_wheezy.img of=/dev/disk2

as advised in your reply to my earlier post. Is the command formatted incorrectly? I am using OS X El Capitan V10.11.2.


Hi Sparx, it looks like you might have selected the wrong disk for your system. Can you take another look at the Mac commands here (http://www.dexterindustries.com/howto/install-raspbian-for-robots-image-on-an-sd-card/) and check that the correct disk is selected?

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Thanks for the several replies regarding burning a new SD card image on OS X El Capitan.

The correct command syntax for removable disk identified as disk2 is:

sudo dd bs=1m if=2015.11.09_Dexter_Industries_wheezy.img of=/dev/rdisk2