Raspbian os and gpio pins

Hi. I’m a new lucky owner of a gopigo 3. I would like to install the original Raspbian OS so I can make it compatible with my other robots. I would know if everything will work perfectly with Raspbian or if I necessarily need to install Raspbian for robot.

In a second time, I would know if there is any detailed documentation about the red electrical board. More precisely, I would know which gpio pin of the raspberry is connected to the motor and sensor port.

thank you in advance for your answers and sorry for the bad spelling cause I’m not English :slight_smile:


It depends on the version of the Raspberry Pi you have connected to the robot.

If it’s a Pi-4, you MUST use the latest version of Raspbian for Robots.

Otherwise, you can use the previous version.

In any event, all versions are backwards compatible, however the latest versions have the best support.

If you decide to use the “Dexter” operating system, you should skip all the grief and go directly to the newest GoPiGo OS as it is much better than the earlier versions.

I will answer your question about documentation a bit later when I’m not on mobile.


Do you mean Raspberry Pi OS, as distributed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation?
Then yes, you can install it.
Please use this command:

curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_gopigo3 | bash


curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_sensors | bash

to install everything properly.


Ubuntu 21 Hirsute :

sudo is required for anything having to do with controlling the GoPiGo3.
ROS is not installed at all, just the GoPiGo3 files.
Main user is pi, password is the usual: robots1234.
There’s an openSSH server that is pre-installed for remote access but no VNC server.

There are plenty of files on the desktop - and they don’t work. For example, scratch is not really available on Ubuntu but it got installed anyway. Lots of cleanup still needed.


Thank’s for your answer. It’s a raspberry pi 3 and I have installed the raspbian os directly from the official website of raspberry.

So is there any documentation about which red board port is connected to which raspberry gpio pins?

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The GoPiGo is not driven by the GPIO pins, but by SPI communications.

The documentation is at gopigo3.readthedocs.io/


Here’s a copy of the GoPiGo’s schematic that is on their GitHub site somewhere:

GoPiGo3 v3.2.0.sch.pdf.txt (57.9 KB)

Remove the “.txt” part.


Thank to both of you it’s what I was looking for.

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