Raspbian/Raspberry Pi O/S Buster (Legacy) has a new version

Note that there is an April 4th 2022 release of the Legacy Buster image.

I am assuming that the difference between this version and the previous version is a sudo apt-get update and that re-flashing and configuring the image is not necessary.  I have not tested this nor do I have any authoritative source so Your Mileage May Vary.


On the same page you will notice April 4th 2022 releases of the Bullseye images as well.

Also note that I am creating a SSD multiboot environment now that I have tested things.  It will contain:

  • Buster Legacy with my dev environment as the default
  • GoPiGo O/S 3.0.2 - activated by dip-switch 1
  • GoPiGo O/S 3.0.1, (for comparison purposes) - activated by dip-switch 2
  • Raspbian Bullseye - 32 bit (for experimenting with a curl’d install) - activated by dip-switch 3
  • Raspbian Bullseye - 64 bit (for experimenting with a curl’d install) - activated by dip-switch 4.  Dip-switch 5, (the 32/64 bit kernel selector) will be unused for this version and will be programmed to do nothing.)
  • About 300+ gigs of remaining space for dev files and project storage.
    (This is a 500 gig SSD.)

Comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


That version is what I did the shutdown tests with

  • push button 3 seconds
  • sudo shutdown -h now. 9 seconds

I thought you were leaving Dip-5 for ROS2 over Ubuntu, but perhaps that list of commitments is already longer than you will have time to keep updated. Installs only take a few minutes once, but keeping all of them up to date and retested to see that what breaks takes all available time.

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I have always used the last dip-switch for kernel bitness selection - I already have five OS’s installed, so I don’t think I need another one.

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