Rasperry Pi version for GoBox

Interested in getting the GoBox for my daughter, but I see it comes with Raspberry Pi B+. Any plans to move to 2, or even 3? I’m new to Pi, so I might be misunderstanding, but it seems that the newer versions have more capabilities. I’m thinking about if/when my daughter wants to go beyond the GoBox to expand on her Pi.

Also, does the GoBox work with a Chromebook?

Hi Firefly!

That’s fantastic, we’re always really happy to hear of more girls learning technology. Great work!

We’re in a transition with our Raspberry Pi right now. Our supplier has run out of B+ and we are only stocking Pi 2’s through our website. We will update the description as soon as we have all of our B+ worked out of the system.

If you order through the website, you will receive a Raspberry Pi 2 with your package (as of 4/15/2016).

For Chromebooks; there are a few minor tweaks to get it to work with a Chromebook. Networking with a Chromebook is a little different because you can’t use Bonjour; you need to find the IP address of the Pi once it’s on a network. You also may or may not have an ethernet port on your Chromebook.

Fortunately we have a new piece of software out (available for free download) called Cinch. This works very well with Chromebooks and does not require Bonjour. You will have to download it and install it to a 4GB or greater SD Card. We can walk you through this if you want to go this way.

Just a heads up! Please let us know how you proceed and if we can answer any more questions!


Thanks so much for your response John! Good to know about Cinch support. A quick Google search led me to that. Will most likely be back on the forum with questions in the future.

our pleasure! Can’t wait to hear about your journey, please let us know how it goes and if we can hel with anything else.

We placed our order last week, and as expected, got the email saying it was back ordered. No worries, we’re patient. But… any idea of when it might ship? My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, and I’d love to give her an update.

Hi firefly, sorry to hear about this delay. Can you tell me the order number and I can look up the status?

Thanks! Here’s the info: Order #87440

Hi firefly, I just submitted an inquiry to our service folks, you should be cc’d and we should have a quick answer about it. I’m sorry for the delay!