Raspian for Robots & GrovePi & RaspberryPi 4

Does anyone know if the current version of Raspbian for Robots and the GrovePi are compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 4? Thanks!

Raspbian for Robots has not yet been updated to Buster, so it will not boot on the RPi4. The GrovePi is not yet fully tested on Buster and the RPi4.

The Dexter Industries software and hardware is planned to run on Buster with support for the RPi4, but we don’t have a scheduled timeline.


Gotcha. Glad to hear it’s on the roadmap. GrovePi is amazing and with Buster-Raspbian and Pi4 support, it will be even better. Thanks!

Hello @Matt, would you have any news on the schedule for RPI4? Bought two RPI4 and GrovePi+ for my son and I to get projects started and now face a bit of a disappointment…

We’re >this< close! It was all ready and then we found a snag in QA.


Hi. Would you have any news for us on the RPI4 compatibility? Hope that the ownership change is not negatively impacting the development. Thanks

It did slow us down a little bit, but we’re still on it. The GoPiGo3 can now be used with the Pi4 (although it’s not released as all robot support will be released at the same time). GrovePi is next.

Thank you for your patience.

Are there any news regarding grovepi for rpi4?

Thank you!

Is there any tentative release date for GrovePi support for RPI4?

It doesn’t seem like anybody from Dexter Industries is monitoring this forum.

To serve the educational market even better, we’ve merged with Modular Robotics. We’re now moving customer support from this forum to Zendesk. You can open a request for support through this webpage:
Or by emailing support@dexterindustries.com

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oh I’m still here, but busy.
Current status: brickPi is giving us trouble. We will release Rasbian for Robots when all robots can be supported.

Thank you

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Glad to see you’re still here :wink: Seemed quiet here since you announced the company merger. I understand you’re busy.


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Just curious how the RPi 4 support is coming along? I also recently bought a RPi4 and Grove starter kit but nothing works! @cleoqc

This is increasingly frustrating. Is there any chance of getting this resolved before Christmas time?

I found on the sourceforge page the experimental version for raspian buster which boots on a rpi 4
Here you can find it @marcus.stemberger

It can detect my grove pi, it detects firmware 1.4 but since I’am new to this all I’am unable to successfully check if the RFID module is working or not.
Maybe this will help other people for now