Reading analog sensor data

Hey everyone,

I am a new (and proud) owner of a GoPiGo. Now that I’ve got the thing assembled and moving, I intend to add some analog sensors to my robot. I’ve found an example on GitHub (, but I cannot find any documentation how/where to connect my analog sensors. Is there any documentation for the available ports on the GoPiGo board? To run my sensor, I would need Vcc, GND and one analog pin. Any help is greatly appreciated.

– Matthias

You can connect the analog sensor to the Grove Analog Port A1 on the Top side of the GoPiGo. It has a VCC, GND and an analog line connected. You can refer to this page for more information:


Hey Karan,

Thanks for your response. While the hardware description page already helps, it does not provide a lot of information. Concretely, I would like to know:

  • What is the voltage provided by Vcc? I assume 5V, but unfortunately do not have a multimeter right now to measure myself.
  • What are the individual pins on the A1 port? Does this sensor here ( depict the same layout as used in GoPiGo?

Thanks again.

The voltage on the Analog port is 5V and the both the signal wires(Yellow and White) are connected to A1. So for something like a light sensor, both the SIG and NC lines would be connected to the A1 port and should work.