Reading Muliple Sensors


I have been developing a weather station using a Grove Pi.

My question is regarding reading multiple sensors, can the GrovePi handle reading sensors one after another with out a timing gap.

Like example
digitalWrite(red_led, 1)
digitalWrite(red_led, 0)

or should I add a timing gap like time.sleep(0.02) between reads
The code is being used to measure an anomometer rotations

Regard Michael

Hi @whimickrh,

I’d say you should add some delays between each call to the GrovePi. At least until we have a fix for the GrovePi - which by the way, we are working on making it more robust and reliable.

Thank you!

Thanks for your reply,
Can you suggest a delay, and I look forward to the fix

Let’s do it gradually starting with 5ms and then adding 10 ms on each increment.