Rechargeable power for pivotpi project

Looking for recommendations on rechargeable power for the PivotPi and an RPi Zero W for a PivotPi based robot. RPi Zero will be using Wifi and RPi Camera.

Thanks - Dan

11 bucks:

Also $9.95 on Adafruit.

If your into DIY stuff I found this super elegant solution that you can build yourself.

For powering the PivotPi I’d recommend us in the included battery pack and just using AA rechargeable batteries. That won’t power the Raspberry Pi. Only the Pivotpi, so you’ll still need the battery pack I showed above.

Best (and least expensive) bet is to use a phone-charging battery (like this from Amazon) and the battery pack that comes with the PivotPi. This for example will run your Pi for days, and is rechargeable.

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Thanks! I’ll start with the easy solution of a manufactured charger, then move on to something more DUY as I get more experience.

Nimh batteries will only provide 4.8 volts, not 6. Will that be too low? Is the logic on the PivotPi powered off the pi, and just the motors off the battery pack?


NiMH batteries in the PivotPi power pack? That should be just fine for powering servos. The logic circuits are powered by the 5V rail from the Pi.

Yes - I did mean NiMH in the PivotPi battery pack. Phone charger for the Pi, NiMH in the battery pack for the servos; sounds like a plan!

Thanks, Dan

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