Recommendation for rechargeable battery pack?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a commercially available rechargeable battery pack for the gopigo? I want to use some robots in a classroom environment, and in initial testing it seems to burn up alkaline AA’s fairly fast.

If we just use rechargeable Li-ion AA batteries, any estimates of how long they last per charge?


Can’t tell you how long they will last but We use Eneloop batteries in our GPGs and they perform WAAAYYYY better! worth the $$$$$$$

Hey Jeff,
The best way would be to use rechargeable AA batteries. Eneloop and Energizer rechargeable batteries on amazon work really well with the GoPiGo and run for 45 minutes to an hour depending the usage. It might be better to keep 2 or more sets of batteries for the classroom so that you can charge one while using the other.


I’ve been using these for a few years now:

The Amazon basics AA’s work really, really well. They’re super robust.