Red LED light on power up - NOT SD card issue :)

Pressed power but on robot and red light is solid but startup process does not begin. Let go or power button and red light goes out.

After searching forum I saw that it could be a bad install on SD card. So, swapped out and SD card but still the same issue.

It’s fresh from the box and the batteries are good.

What are my next steps?



What version of DexterOS are you using? There was an issue with how the first boot was done (now fixed but maybe not on the SD card you got)

Actually, let me rethink that. Which red light are you talking about?
The LED that is next to the power button should be flashing green, not red. Are you talking about the red light on the Pi itself?

Yes the red LED on the PI itself. Thanks.

try powering the Pi via usb power?

Also was this a robot that used to work and just started misbehaving, or is it a new one ?

Solid red on Pi with USB power. This is fresh from the box.

And a fresh set of batteries as well. Thanks.

Hi @rpmteacher,

Just to be sure of this, you have a GoPiGo3 robot, right?

If so, can you keep pressing on the power button continuously and see if that triggers the boot procedure of the Raspberry Pi? Keep it pressed for say … 10 seconds.

And also, what OS are you using? I suppose it’s DexterOS, right? In which case, can you tell us the version of it?

Thank you!

Yes to GoPiGo3 and the robots were received in the last 30 days. The SD card adapter indicates 2.2.0.


Hi @rpmteacher,

We have reasons to suspect that the Raspberry Pi in your robot is malfunctioned. Would it be possible for you to swap the Raspberry Pi with another one before we move on to the next step?

Also, since we’re suspecting the Raspberry Pi, do you think you could also place the microSD card of that robot into another one that currently works and see if it boots up?

Thank you and we’re hoping to see this fixed ASAP for you! :slight_smile:

In fact we think it is the Red Board/shield that has issues. What’s the best way to get a warranty return underway?

Thanks, Rod

Do you ever seen the small green LED blink on the raspberry pi itself? Next to the SD card?

And could you download the latest DexterOS? It fixes an issue that some boards may have.
You will find the instructions here:

If that doesn’t work we will replace the board.


After more investigation we think that the issues is the red board and not the RPi. Would it be possible to get a replacement on the red board?

Checking in on warranty replacement help. Thanks.

Yep, responded on the other thread.