Release Notes for DexterOS 2.3.0

DexterOS 2.3.0 is now available.

Here’s what’s new in it!

Line Follower:
a re-write of the line follower code. It will be transparent to you if you stay in Bloxter but in Python we cleaned up the code a whole lot! Readings are more stable too. There’s a reversal in Python of what “left” and “right” mean. It used to be that left meant “the robot is on the left of the line” for example , now it means “the line is to the left of the robot”. This synchronises the behaviour across all the line follower libraries.

we’ve cleaned up how we handle I2C so the distance sensor will no longer experience random fails.
Also, this means that AD1 and AD2 are now able to function as separate I2C buses for a total of 3. Bloxter does not take advantage of this at the moment, but if you’re in Python, you can now use up to 3 distance sensors!

Servo Blocks
on a GPG3, there are new servo blocks that include a delay. Thanks to @jimrh for the suggestion.

Once in a while, the camera would stop working. We now force it active on each boot.

If you have a DexterOS 2 and up we will be providing an update path for it. You do not need to download the full image and flash a new SD card. However I cannot provide this update over the weekend, it will be done early next week.

It is now possible to update DexterOS 2 to the latest 2.3.0 by following the instructions

I attempted to be as clear as possible but I’m totally open to feedback if something is not clear.