Remote connection refused

I installed onmy own card with Raspbian installed your software: git clone
Now I am trying to access the GopiGo from my Windows10 PC with Iphone and thus Bonjour installed.
When I ping my pi under its name I get a good response.
But when I type in my Browser: http://PINAME.local I get the message that PINAME refusesw to make connection.
When I do the same with the IP address I get same problem.
When I boot the pi it never asks for a password: it simply boots and I can do everything with it. (is this a password problem )
Pls help

Hey wout11,
Just wanted to ask a few questions:

  • Is the SD card your own or is it Raspbian for Robots from Dexter Industries
  • If it is Raspbian for Robots, what is the date on the image
  • Now I am trying to access the GopiGo from my Windows10 PC with Iphone and thus Bonjour installed can you explain a bit more about this, how are the Windowns10 PC and Iphone connected and how is the Pi connected to your local network
  • Did you install the Bonjour program manually from apple's website
  • When I boot the pi it never asks for a password: it simply boots how are you able to do this, is this using SSH over ethernet. Can you add a few screenshot when this happens.


I had to go on a trip abroad, so sorry for late reaction.
First of all I am working with a pi B2 with the raspberry pi image. So I did install the Dexter GoPiGo.git as indicated under Assemble the GoPiGo Dexter instructions.
I tried a bit more and installed on my PC VNC on the pi: libnss-mdns
Result when I write on my PC in VNC: pi.local:1 I get message : the connection was refused by the host computer. Note the name of my pi is indeed pi.
I then installed on my Pi tightvncserver and indeed now I can connect via my VNC on PC to the pi.
However each time I reboort I have to first run again tightvncserver.
So question 1: can I get the tightvncserver to run automatically each time when I boot the pi.
Question 2 relates to Using the GoPiGo for the first time: I did: sudo python install
amnd when I then do: sudo python I get the following error message:
"File “/home/p[i/GoPiGo/Software/Python/”, Line 46, in module> bus=smbus.SMBus(1) IOError [Errno2] No such file or directory.
I see in that directory the files.

Please advise


I may be wrong, but it seems you are not running Raspbian for Robots, but the standard Raspbian card coming from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

I’m not clear about which set of instructions you followed to install Dexter’s software, but it would seem that you only installed what’s needed to run the GoPigo, and none of the environment configuration that comes with Raspbian for Robots. Tightvncserver is a part of Raspbian for Robots, but is not a part of the GoPiGo install.
Question 1: yes you can set tightvncserver to run at each boot, but the instructions would depend whether you’re running Wheezy or Jessie.

I’m not sure about question 2. I see a weird character in
“File “/home/p[i/GoPiGo/Software/Python/”
Is that just a bad copy/paste or is the [ really there in the word pi ?

I completely reinsrtalled, now with the dexter image and everything is working fine.