Remote Prog. of GoPiGo3 Pi using PyCharm IDE

Any advice on how to use PyCharm IDE to generate code and upload/run on the GoPiGo3 (running Raspbian). This would make coding so much easier/smooth. :slight_smile:

Hello @dennys,
I use VSCode and I’m sure PyCharm can do it.

First, you need Raspbian for Robots. This cannot be done with DexterOS.
Get the IP of the robot.
Set up the IDE to FTP the files over to the robot. VSCode has an option that ftps the file each time it is saved, so I get a local copy on my laptop and a duplicate copy on the Pi. PyCharm seems to have this too
From the terminal I ssh into the Pi and run the code from there.

Works quite nicely.

Great thanks – I am presently using Raspbian so I should be able to get it done.

Productive Friday :slight_smile: – I successfully connected Pycharm with my GoPiGo3 unit. Not only I have a better editor environment to generate code – I also have the Python terminal (via SSH) to try code on the fly and before uploading files. Life is good :slight_smile:

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Yup! Now you’re ready for serious programming! Woohoo!
There are days I even forget I’m coding on a Pi. My editor of choice is VSCode as mentioned above, although I’m quite liking Jupyter Notebook on DexterOS for a different kind of Python development.

Old thread … did you save a doc of how you did it?