Remote python control (ROS?)

I would like to control my GoPiGo (all I really need is control over the motors) over the WiFi using a python script running on an Ubuntu machine. To clarify: I don’t want to SSH into the Pi and run local scripts from there.

Ideally, I would do this using ROS, but I’m having trouble getting ROS installed and working on Raspbian, so I’m wondering if there is a light weight plug and play alternative.

What is the easiest way I can do this? Can you point me to any tutorials that demonstrate how to do this?


  • Floris

Hi Floris, I don’t think we have anything like this. So you’ want to run a python script on Ubuntu that controls the GoPiGo directly. Over wifi. Is that right?

Hi John - yes that’s correct. It would be fine if I need to have some code running on the GoPiGo as well - so it doesn’t have to be truly direct. I just want to the control commands to be issued from a python script running on Ubuntu.

So I could have something running on the GoPiGo that listens for commands and then makes the wheels turn, and the script on my desktop that sends those commands.

Totally possible to do . . we just don’t have anything of the shelf to do this. I’m sorry!

No problem - I’ll try a little harder to get ROS running on the Pi!

Thanks for the super quick responses!

Please let us know how it goes! It sounds like an awesome project!

Hi Floris,

Did you succeed in getting ROS running on the pi?
Maybe you could check out this post:
It has links to how I managed to get ROS indigo running on the Pi.


Thanks Grtz! I did manage to get ROS installed, so far so good. Now working on getting both ROS and OpenCV installed… looking good so far!