Remove grovepi Library

I got an error installing the library grovepi and now every command written in command line returns dpgk was interrupted.
What’s the command to remove the library thanks.
Erazin ,

This is an interesting issue. :neutral_face:

So first you can’t remove the library without using the command line. So I think that option is out. In fact you can’t do much without the command line on Linux.

However there is way to fix it. I found on StackOverflow how to fix it.

First run sudo dpkg --configure -a
If it still isn’t working run sudo apt install -f
Then re run the first command.

If it doesn’t work I suggest using Raspbian for robots! It will have the grovepi library preinstalled.

If you don’t want to install Raspbian for robots we can and hopefully others can try to get it working.

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