Replacement encoder wheel

i’m very heavy handed and snapped one of the encoder wheels trying to get it on the axle. is it possible to get a replacement or reasonable facsimile thereof?

Hey Russel, really sorry to see this! Where did you get your GoPiGo? Directly from us or from a local vendor?

Hi John, I got it direct from Dexter via NicoleP (or vice versa)

Got it! Great! I think if you contact us through our contact page, we can find a few extras and arrange to have them shipped. Just put this link in with your contact.

thank you very much. an encoder wheel will be winging (rolling?) it’s way to me shortly

I am just now assembling the GoPiGo I received last week. I am having trouble getting the encoder wheel to slide over the motor axle and don’t want to break it as with the original poster. I don’t want to try any sort of grease or vaseline as it may degrade the plastic or keep it from sliding off. Any suggestons?

Never mind. I kept working at it and both encoders are now securely on the shafts.

Hi @HoustonJose,

Great that you have done it yourself!