RFID reader : C# library?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it would be possible to add the RFID reader to the C# library please ?


Hi Steeve, it’s certainly possible, we just haven’t tried doing it yet.

Hi John,

It seems it must communicate through Serial port.
I’m using Raspberry pi 3 with Windows 10 IoT through raspi serial port from grovepi but it seems that raspi serial port is not available on the current windows build for the pi 3. So I tried to see how to communicate with grovepi Serial port but the firmware code indicates to me that it is not implemented yet.

I would like to modify grovepi firmware to implement serial port communication but I don’t know how to upgrade firmware from a windows 10 Iot Raspberry (or from anything else, if it is possible, I just don’t have a linux machine nor raspbian raspberry). Do you know if it is possible ?

I made it work with latest version of windows 10 IoT (build 14328 insider preview).
Connect RFID reader on the rpiser port (to be directly connected to raspberry pi and not through grovepi card).
Just download samples and launch SerialSample, it will work like a charm

Hey insomniak49,
Glad to hear that it worked for you. If you write a blog post or publish your project, do add a link here. It might help other users who try to use your project.


Hi Karan,

just use this sample, launch it. Just select the only one device in the list and connect it.
It will display the RFID value when you present the RFID card to the reader.



I tried this, all looks good in VS and the UI. I can see the device and connect it. However, there is no data showing up when swiping a card. I will be grateful if anyone can provide directions on how to debug further.

We are planning to put this stuff into a production device…