RGB Display

Half of one of my RGB 16x2 displays has gone bad (see attached photo). The first 8 characters of the first and second lines are fine, but the last half is blank and then has solid blocks for the last 3 characters (and a line).

I have tried another display on the GrovePI and it is fine, so it is actually an issue with this specific display.

Is there a simple fix to this or is this a hardware failure? If the later, what is the warranty on it and how do I get it replaced (I am in Canada)?

Hey mitchvh,
If another display works then it might be a hardware problem. Was the RGB display working before and do you remember when you started seeing this. I have seen these displays go bad if a bad voltage is applied to it or if they are kept in too harsh environments. Also, where did you buy this from and when.


Hi Karan;

Thanks for the response. We purchased 10 kits back around the middle of January this year. This particular display has been sitting on my desk at the office for a couple of months, so not a harsh environment. I assume our power is relatively clean, since we have a lot of other electronics in the building. I will contact the company we purchased it from and inquire about the warranty on it.