RGB LCD: One line only


Hey there, sorry for making a new topic so fast but this is a completely different topic.

Is it possible to update just part (one line) of the screen?


To update only a part of the screen, the easiest way would be to keep a buffer which is sent to display and update that buffer and just send the update buffer. For example, if the initial buffer holds “Hello World”, the next time you can send it just “Hello_World”.



Yes, that is how I fixed it now. However it still “updates” the whole screen. Guess I should dig deeper into the lcd screen library, because the screen itself should support partial updates.


Hi jeroenveenvan,
The screen should support partial updates. Let me try out the library at my end to see if there is an easy way to try it out.



Hi jeroenveenvan,
Sorry for taking this long to reply back.

I also found the same thing that refreshing the display without erasing the screen was not enabled. I have updated the github code and added a function which allows you to refresh the screen without erasing. It’s example3.py here: https://github.com/DexterInd/GrovePi/tree/master/Software/Python/grove_rgb_lcd. You’ll still have to play with strings a bit so that you can modify them.

Do let me know if this works well for you and if you have any other thought on improvements that can be done for the display code and library.