Ring LED on GrovePi+ and RaspberryPi

I have a Ring LED and cannot find documentation for it. Any help would be appreciated on how to use it. Thanks in advance!

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There are a lot of different ring lights on the market.

Can you tell us who manufactures it and exactly what it is.

What programming language are you using?

What kind of Raspberry Pi?

Which operating system are you using?

If it is made using NeoPixels, one potential issue is timing as they’re pretty picky and it’s a special serial protocol.

Again, assuming NeoPixels, you will have to find a library (Python?) for them.

One potential source is Adafruit.

If you bought the ring light from them, their support forums may be able to help as they have a lot of experience with this stuff.

If you didn’t buy it from them, you will have to ask the manufacturer if they have libraries for whatever language you are using.

Let us know what happens!