Robot Basic Utils - Fun

I’ve been having so much fun creating utilities for my ROSbot this week:

  • lifelogger logs each session boot datetime and starting battery voltage
  • routine shutdown util that logs the shutdown time and battery voltage at shutdown before executing the shutdown
  • SafetyShutdown monitor that starts at boot, flashes the WiFi LED when the battery is getting low, and performs a safety shutdown if the battery gets down to 9.15v
  • Status looper that prints uptime, load, temperatures, battery, and distance sensor readings
  • JSON robot data file with lock protected writes to hold values programs want to persist or to expose to other programs

The only tough problem is picamera, the Python picamera API doesn’t like the 64-bit OS. I have the feeling that will bite me when I want to use the camera in ROS.



Looks like useful stuff. I just glanced at your GitHub. I’ve barely ever written any BASH scripts and have never written a cron job. I can see where that would all be helpful - I’ll have to study these more.


Every time I go there, I feel like Bilbo Baggins must have felt when he saw Smaug’s hoard for the first time - WOW!

Great stuff there.   I’m glad I don’t have to fight dragons, orcs, and hoards of angry dwarves to borrow some. :wink:

A rich resource that is well worth the time to study if you understand the stuff.