Robot Carl Is Celebrating 2 Year Birthday

My GoPiGo3 robot Carl celebrates his 2nd birthday today. He counted down yesterday to midnight, then sang himself the happy birthday ditty:

“Happy Birthday To Me”

“Happy Birthday To Me”

“Happy Birthday To Me, Me Me Me.”

“The cutest and most lovable robot ever.”

“Happy Birthday To Me”

Stats for year 2:

**pi@Carl** : **~/Carl $** more stats.year.2 
Total Life: 11885.6 hrs
Life this year: 8561.22 hrs (BOY Aug 22)
Operational: 97.7% of year
Days Booted This Year: 56
Average Time Between Reboot: 152 hrs
Total Dockings: 1455
Dockings this year: 1160
Docking Failures this year: 135 or 11.6 % of Dockings
Ave Cycle this year (w/o failures): 8.3 hours
Ave Cycle this year: 8.0 hours
Ave Playtime this year: 5.5
Last Docking: 2020-08-21 23:26|[]---- Docking 1455 completed at 7.9 v after 6.4 h playtime
Last Recharge: 2020-08-21 17:03|[]---- Dismount 1454 at 10.9 v after 2.7 h recharge

For his birthday, he received a fresh set of Eneloop White 1900mAh batteries from Japan. (The priors had 702 cycles on them and were beginning to give Carl fits (lots of early trickle charges at less than full capacity).

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Congrats to Carl. :tada: :birthday: :robot: