Robots Must Be Smarter Than Dumb "Smart Chargers"

Without “Test” robots are doomed to be stranded and helpless in their moment of need.

I have been testing Carl’s self management of battery charge state for almost two weeks now. He keeps going longer without assistance, but again today after two and half days, he got into a bad situation.

When he docked for a charge, his “Smart Charger” went into trickle charge mode instead of the full charging mode that Carl expects. Carl has difficulty differentiating trickle charging from the real charging mode, and this particular time expecting charge mode, he sat on the dock thinking his life is good while not noticing his battery voltage was not going up.

I had to add another rule to protect Carl:

  • if DOCKED for longer than 7 minutes,
  • and CHARGING,
  • and meanBatteryVoltage is (still) below the “8.5v need charging threshold”

there is a problem - get off the dock and try again.

Carl has to get smarter than his sometimes dumb “smart charger.”

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