Root problems

hi gopigo’ers!
how can i manage to run my gopigo using “scratch”?
clicking on “GoPiGo_Scratch_Start” leads to a “failed to execute child process … (permission denied)” warning.

the gopigo performes it’s “” launching it via the root-terminal. not though launching it using the LXterminal. what shall i do?

thank you! + cheers from hamburg,

Hi Simon,
Can you post a screenshot of the error that you get. It’ll help a lot to solve the problem.


hi karan,

i’m puzzled what to do: rewrite the sd with a new system or fix permissions?

thanks + cheers,

Hey cobra,
Typically with python programs on the BrickPi, you’ll almost always need to use “sudo”. So you can either use the root terminal (as you show) or use “sudo python” on the command line.

It seems the permissions are properly set; because the python programs use GPIO and other low level stuff, you’ll always need to use root permissions to run these sorts of programs.