ROS 2 Benchmarking For GoPGo3?

Now that we have a ROS 2 stack “easily” available on the GoPiGo3, it is only natural to wonder how it is performing.

I saw an interesting announcement of a benchmarking suite for this

Maybe RaspberryPi4 is missing for a reason?

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That is curious since the Turtlebot is nominally the definitive ROS2 learning platform.

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Right! I hadn’t thought about that. The Turtlebot 3 series doesn’t have a standardized vision coprocessor, so perhaps that excluded it, but the TurtleBot 4 series has an Oak vision processor mated to a Raspberry Pi 4 so that would seem to be a natural fit considering the inclusion of the Kria and Jetson processors with on system video processing as well as Intel with external NVIDIA graphics paired configurations.