ROS 2 Humble GoPiGo3 v5 Update Released

It has been 13 months since I last updated the ROS 2 Humble for GoPiGo3 image with “Intro to ROS 2 on the GoPiGo3” documents. It didn’t cause ROS folks to break the door down to get GoPiGo3 robots as I hoped, but as the basis for a year of Humble Dave investigation it fared well.

I have created an updated image ROS2HHv5 and updated the documentation where needed.


  • OS and ROS packages updated to latest as of today (was taking over an hour to update)
  • Applied the v4 manual fixes so card is immediately useful
  • Added Nav2 startup script
  • Added arrow keys to teleop_gopigo3_node for driving the GoPiGo3

Get started here:

Prior update:


@rogerscode noticed the sharing permission was set wrong on the v5 ROS2HH image. I have corrected that, so the link from my github page should work now. If anyone has further problems with accessing the image, please let me know.


Have I got your permission to put this new image on Sourceforge too?

Thanks for the work you’re doing with the GPG3 and ROS2! It’s awesome!


Absolutely. Hopefully it will create some new ROS programmers.

ROS is such a simple architecture, but to do anything with it takes lots of lines of programming and a huge knowledge quest to leverage the “do everything anyone could think to do with a robot” free packaged software.

Everyone can start learning with this image and the GoPiGo.

There were over 100k new ROS users last year… hopefully now that Raspberry Pi boards are again available, some of those will see the GoPiGo3 as the great learning opportunity that we know it can be.