ROS Node


I started to write my own ROS node to control the GoPiGo (I am not aware of a similar project). It’s located at and consists of the node itself and the gopigo C library wrapped as catkin package. If you are not aware of ROS (, it is a robotic framework that simplifies the development of robot software by standardized communication interfaces. E.g., you can use any ROS control app on Android to exchange control commands and video streams between the smartphone and the robot.

Feel free to join the development if you are interested. I do not have access to the optional sensors, hence I cannot test some parts of the library.

I found most parts of the C library not well documented and some functions are even missing compared to the python library. I thought about creating a proper C++ library with classes if there is sufficient interest.


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Hi Christian,

I’m also aiming for ROS on the GoPiGo and are very interested in your roscpp node.
Although I’m currently working on a rospy node (python) there is probably a lot in common.
I’ll check out the github and contribute where possible…

Are you also using a simulator like Gazebo / Vrep?

Is your node somewhere publicly available? It would be useful to have common topics and services.
I am currently implementing some interfaces that might be used for the differential drive nodes (
I am not using any of the simulators. One could use one of the provided skid steering robot models for the simulation, they just need the same interface as the real robot.