ROS2 GoPiGo3 First Sign of Life!

My ros2_gopigo3_node made its very first attempt at initialization today:

$ ros2 run ros2_gopigo3_node gopigo3_node
GoPiGo3 info:
Manufacturer    :  Dexter Industries
Board           :  GoPiGo3
Serial Number   :  56ECD67E5152415447202020FF192614
Hardware version:  3.x.x
Firmware version:  1.0.0

Traceback (most recent call last):
  .../ros2_gopigo3_node/", line 312, in main
    gopigo3_node = GoPiGo3Node()
  .../ros2_gopigo3_node/", line 101, in __init__ = TransformBroadcaster()
TypeError: __init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'node'

That’s “one small step for a [ GoPiGo3 ], one giant leap for [ the ROS1 to ROS2 migration].” (with apologies).


If you had named it “Dave5” we could say “Dave5 is alive” (with apologies to Short Circuit and Johnny 5)

Or it’s almost alive anyway - maybe just one more lightening strike…


Have you been watching this guy? ROS Noetic/Raspberry Pi

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Thanks - no, I hadn’t seen that. Wow - it’s fast.

John Saunders at NYC CNC / Saunders Machine Works has been building a full size Johnny 5. He outsources a lot of the parts to the maker community, which made for a lot of great YouTube videos. It ground to a halt with COVID, but they’re starting up again to finish it.



Well it was until it lost a tread (very last moment of video.)

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  • /battery_voltage ← the real battery voltage, not 0.7v low …
  • /motor/encoder/left
  • /motor/encoder/right
  • /motor/status ← and that’s a custom message type
  • /odom
  • /tf

AND teleop_twist_keyboard actually drove Dave around a little.

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Wow - that’s fantastic. Dave is alive!!

I don’t like the teleop-keyboard, so I’m glad I got the joy node working. Depending on how much driving you anticipate doing might be worth trying it. I already had a controller from an older project (I’m not a gamer), but you can get a generic Xbox controller for < $20 on Amazon. You could probably ask around as well - I’ll bet there are a lot of abandoned wired controllers as gamers have shifted to wireless. Your friends (or their kids) may have one laying around. Or check the GoodWill.