ROS2 - Too Soon To Migrate?

Frustration level is really high:

I feel like I can get the gist of what a chapter is about, but don’t have the skills to migrate the ROS1 feature set exactly to ROS2. I have figured out how to accomplish everything in Chapter 4 except the flexibility of passing the urdf file name as a launch arguments to create the Robot description parameter dynamically, and or telling the joint_state_publisher to use the gui or not as a launch argument.


I didn’t know that ROS2 launch files were actually python programs.
Seems complicated.

I like that in ROS1 you can just include a bunch of simpler launch files - makes it relatively easy to do a “building blocks” approach.


On to the next nightmare - chapter 6 introduces the Gazebo sim tool. After 3-4 minutes Gazebo and Ubuntu become unresponsive requiring pulling the plug on the virtual machine by force quit.

I’m going to skip to the physical robot chapter to see what headaches lie in wait for me there.