ROSbot Dave Sporting A Roll-Bar Handle

One of the challenges with catching a run-away robot is where to grab,
and lifting a GoPiGo3 up to the desktop usually requires two hands.

If your robot has a “character” velcro’d to the top, the grabbing and lifting is even more difficult.

SO … ROSbot Dave is sporting a new “Roll-bar Handle”

Hopefully the mounting will not stress crack the top plate. (Ordering a spare just in case.)

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That turned out really nice.
Is the bottom shaft collar just held by the little set screw, or is there something else that holds it on? I’d worry about that slipping with the weight.


Just the set screw into the aluminum. We’ll see which holds longer, the collar or the top plate. I probably should find some bigger washers or make a rectangular “spreader”, but this has already taxed my mechanical skill to the limit. (Pitiful considering my degree was mechanical engineering…)


The washers look like they’ll do the trick OK.
If the steel set screw is really tight into the AL (i.e. making a little divot) it’s hopefully OK.
Looks great.