Rotary Angle Sensor not working[SOLVED]

Recently purchased the GrovePi+ Starter kit. Not having much luck with the analog sensors.

I have connected the rotary angle sensor to analog port A2 and the green led to digital port D5. The supplied program fails with “Error” being written to the screen repeatedly. I am running the script like this:

sudo python

I believe I a running the latest version of Raspbian for Robots (image file is 2016.05.09_Dexter_Industries_Jessie.img)

I have also tried the light sensor and sound sensor on analog ports A0 and A1. They also fail with the same symptom.

Hey rsmit,
Can you run the troubleshooting script by following the instructions here and upload the log to the forums so that we can narrow down the problem .



Attached is the log.txt file

Any update on this?

Hey rsmith,
Sorry for taking this long to reply. Looks like the Pi is unable to communicate with the GrovePi. Can you post a picture of the setup. Did the GrovePi work a few times or has it not worked at all.



Thanks for having me re-check the setup. The GrovePi was misaligned on the Pi. All seems to be working now.

Thanks again!