Rpi3 GoPiGo2 wifi setup

Hello, I am a non-technical newbie helping my 8 year old daughter to get started with a new Gopigo2, which we have bought for our existing Rpi3 (with a NON-Dexter industries SD card) which she got at a Raspberry Pi/Scratch coding course. The physical build of the GoPigo2 went fine, we’re now trying to work through the ‘connection’ process. We have installed Bonjour on our Win10 laptop, connected via Ethernet cables (lights flashing ok) but have the following questions.
How do the wifi setup instructions differ given that we have the Rpi3 - given we have a Rpi3, are we correct in saying that we don’t need a wifi dongle?
The ping dex.local test, but get a 'ping request could not find host ‘dex.local’. I presume this is because we are not using a Dexter Industries SD card? After working through this forum I downloaded fing thinking that I needed to find an ip address for the Rpi3 (which I have previously connected to our home wifi network) but running fing simply opens a command box and closes it immediately (???) so I can’t see what’s on the network…
If so, where do we go from here - how do we test connectivity to the robot via wifi?
Thanks for any help you can give.

I have now loaded a copy of the Dexter image onto another SD Card, inserted this and managed to connect it to the home network. After connecting the Ethernet cable again I tried to connect using http://dex.local/ however my laptop can’t reach that page…
I ran the Test and Troubleshoot routine and at least saw that the motors are working, but I still don’t know how to connect it to my laptop…

Getting there. We have identified the Rpi3 ip address and managed to ping that from the laptop and get the right response. It’s not straightforward if you’re not a techie…
Our mistake with Fing was not running it as Administrator. Once we sorted that we found the Rpi3 ip address straight away. We also found it in the wifi setup information on the Rpi3.

Hey Warwick,
Sorry for initial hiccups with the GoPiGo. The Raspbian for Robots image works the best with the GoPiGo since it comes will all the software and services loaded and our tutorials are based on that image.

Just wanted to check if you are still facing any problems with the GoPiGo or all of them have been sorted.


Done! Success… tested and working!

Hi Karan. All good. Thanks for responding promptly. We’ve taken a look at some Scratch examples and are now underway.