RTC is not storing the time for less than 1 day!

Hi there, as you see in the picture, for around 24hours is not storing the time, but if I set up manually is storing for some time in red 3 minutes, in red I changed the batteries (same model) but had the same problem:


is an issue of that batteries (so should be a better ones) OR the RTC itself (buy another one)?

THanks in advance

Hello @annlee

Which RTC are you using? We do not sell any, so I’m unsure how we can help you.


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exactly this http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/cn/Grove-RTC/

maybe the reason is I did “killall python” or the reason is the time was bad adjusted (for instance weekday wrong) so it reseted to 0?

I doubt it is the batts or the module itself

plz help

http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Grove-RTC/ Gets the English directly

@annlee, Suggest that you post your exact .py file(s) and your methodology.


  1. Insert Battery in Grove-RTC
  2. Connect Grove-RTC to Grove-Pi/RPi
  3. Power on Grove-Pi/RPi
  4. Run .py that asks user current time, and sets RTC, reads and displays the RTC datetime,then exits (or sets RTC from RPi time obtained via Internet at boot time)
    a. Verify RTC date-time correctly set
  5. Set up crontab @boot to run “my_logger.py”
    (And wibni “set_RPi_time_from_RTC.py”)
  6. Sudo shutdown -h now
  7. Move Unit to measurement location
  8. Connect Unit to location Power source
  9. After ?? hours, or ?? days
    a. Recheck RTC time correct
    b. Copy csv logfile off unit
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Thanks a lot, I had another system working perfectly, I did all these excluding step 5. crontab

lately is keeping the time from one day to another, I am leaving this weekend it and see if on monday still with the issue, will do all your steps carefully

(the reason the page was in english was that pic was matching exactly with my RTC, not the one in english)

thanks a lot! will keep u informed~~