Run GrovePi+ with Grove - 433MHz Simple RF Link Kit and Python is not impossible

Hey all who are interested in bring this kit with a GrovePi+ and Python up and running.

In the past month I was searching for a solution to bring the receiver and sender to work on a GrovePi+ board.
But this was a very frustrating hunt for the solution.
Someone say “do it so” and the other one say “do it so” …
At the end I don’t bring it up to run. :frowning:

Today a colleague of me gave me a tip how to bring this up and running with python.
And wow, it is is pretty easy. :slight_smile:

Take a look at this.

You can use the wiring diagram example 1 to 1 with the GrovePi+ Pins.
Follow the instruction to install the software and you will be able to receive and send informations on 433 MHz.

My Setup:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1
  • OS is Raspian for Robots from Dexter Industries (other should also work)
  • GrovePi+ with Firmware v1.2.7 and the corresponding Software
  • Grove 433 MHz Simple RF Link Kit

Hope this post is helpfully.

Best regards,


@spack: Thanks a lot for posting it. We’ll give it a shot and see how good it is. Any idea if the library would work with this module too:

I know that the library work with a lot of the simple RF receivers and transmitters.

Also with some more powerful RF receiver/transmitter like this Superheterodyne.

If you send me an RF Pro p794 I will test it for you. :wink:

Best regards,

Thanks @spack. I’ll try out the other RF modules and see if they work .

This sounds good.

Would be great if you can post your testing results here.



am trying to send data from a Raspberry with Grovepi+ to an Arduino without success. To which pin did you connect the transmitter ? D2 or RPiserial ?



It’s been a while since I’ve been working on the Grove 433MHz Simple RF Link Kit, Raspi, GrovePi+ and Python.

Basically, you’ll find all the information in my post.

There’s a line beginning with “take a look at.”

If you follow the link hidden behind “this”, all your wishes will come true.

If this is too mysterious and you don’t dare to follow the link, just have a look here:

If you still don’t get to your destination, no inhibitions, ask me.

However, first I have to rebuild my test environment and read myself back into my Python script - that could take some time;