Run Python Scripts on GoPiGo

I just assembled and connected my GoPiGo and I really don’t know how to run my own python scripts on the GoPiGo.
I successfully run scripts from the software examples but I have no Idea how to run scripts from my Computer.
Could someone explain how it works?

Hey Kay,
Glad the examples work then; maybe the best first step is to take one, copy it, and then run it yourself. Does that make sense? You can match and mix parts of the examples to your own python script.
Best, John

I think you don’t understand me. I already wrote a script for the GoPiGo but I don’t know how to upload it to the Raspberry pi in the robot.

So you wrote a Python program on your Mac or PC and you want to put it on your Raspberry Pi, is that correct?

Yes. I wrote a Python program on my PC and want to put it on my Raspberry pi, thats correct.

You have a PC and are you running Raspbian for Robots? If so, Samba is already installed for you. Samba allows for file transfers between PCs and the Pi

Here’s a little video I just made, to explain how to set up samba on your PC
(I don’t have a PI currently connected to my laptop, so I can’t show you the last few steps. You will be asked a password, it’s robots1234)

This will set up the Pi as a hard disk so you can transfer files from your PC to it.

Something must be wrong with my PC. I am running Raspbian for Robots but I don’t have Samba Installed.

Which version of Raspbian for robots do you have? Samba is a fairly recent addition

Also which version of Windows?

I’m working on Windows10 and the date of my Raspbian for robots image is 2016.04.25

Hi Kay, if Samba is not working, you may want to try FTP. Do you have an FTP program on your Windows machine, like FileZilla? You can use the credentials “dex.local” and “pi” and “robots1234” to login to your Pi, and move your file over.

I just downloaded WinSCP and logged in to my Raspberry pi. But when I try to move my file over it says:405 Method Not Allowed
I could not google it yet.

Hey Kay, not sure, I haven’t used WinSCP. To double check:
You’re using the login "pi"
You’re using the password "robots1234"
You’re placing it in the home directory “/home/pi”

Is that all correct?

And just to back all the way up, are you able to connect to the GoPiGo through your browser at dex.local?

Yes that’s correct.

Can you try to use FileZilla to connect and FTP?

What did googling your winscp problem reveal?

I could try it. And my Google search revealed nothing helpfull.

Sorry, I was away for a while. Would you mind helping me figure out what the issue is with Samba?
In the video I posted, how far did you get?
You should have everything available to you with Windows 10.

I already uploaded and tested my scripts with FileZilla, but thanks.

Hey Kay Jersch,
Just wanted to check if your problem has been solved with filezilla.