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I am a grovepi newbie. I have been able to get the led sensor and temperature sensor to work with python. But based on code found on the internet. I have not been able to test the sensors with the sample projects found on the pi raspberry itself. Any idea why that is the case?

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Hello @BaranD
We would need more specific details in order to help.
First, are you running Raspbian for Robots, or Raspbian?
Do you have a GrovePi+ or a Grove Base Hat?


Hello Cleoqc,

I have a GrovePi+ and I have Raspbian installed

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Hi @BaranD,

Can you please show us what projects you’ve tried to run, specifically?

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Hello RobertLucian,

I have given it another try. And noticed I was trying to execute the OLED projects with the Grove-LCD RGB Backlight, but that doesn’t work. So in the mean time I have tried other sensors and they all work. I am now having trouble using the LCD RGB Backlight.

F.e. I am trying the Advanced_RGB_LCD_TempAndHumidity project but it does not say in which port I have to plug in the RGB backlight port. Currently the output of the DHT sensor is printed in the command line interface. Where do I have to plugin the LCD RGB backlight so that DHT sensors outputs it on the LCD?

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